SL 01100 PP General purpose Slip for PP film
SL 03730 LD High-load slip
SL 07950 LD General purpose Slip for PE film
SL 0A864 LD HOT SLIP Hot slip
CC 12720 LD WHITE 70% TiO2 white

LDR up to 15-20% in a layer

CC 18160 LD WHITE 60% TiO2 white
AB 06085 LD (Permanent) non -migrating slip
AB 08020 LD Natural anti-block
AB 0F210 LL Synthetic anti-block
AB 0K630 LD Fine particles, high loaded Anti Block
AF 002021 LD AF with low temperature activity for General purpose film for lamination
AB 0G160 LD ANTIBLOCK Natural anti-block, high loaded
AF 002521 LD AF for low temperature film for lamination
AF 002502 LD Fast migration AF for multilayer PE/PP film
AT 07570 LD ANTISTATIC Amine-free AS
AT 08460 LD Long term AS
AT 0B790 LL ANTISTATIC Cost effective AS
DS 00C64B LD Moisture absorber
PA 00853 LL PA for Cast film
PA 02040 LD Cost effective PA
PA 04130 LD PA & AO PA + AO
PA 07720 LL for General purpose
PA 0H500 LL Prevents die build up
PA 0H670 LL Suited to high temperatures
PA 0I970 LL Prevents melt fracture
PA 0I970 LLN Biobased PE processing aid MB

Only for bio based applications

SAB 00567 LD Transparent anti-stick + anti-fusion
SAB 06573 LD Anti-stick + Anti-fusion
SAB 00570 LD High-load anti-block
SAB 0656A EVA SLIP & AB Slip & anti block for EVA + EMA transparent film
SAB 0C430 EVA SLIP & AB Slip & anti block for Suitable for EVA film
SAB 0C720 LD SLIP & ANTI BLOCK General purpose Slip & Anti Block
UVA 0J250 LD UV absorber for thin film packaging
UVA 06890 LD UVA for shrink hoods
AB 0P59C ECOMP Biobased compostable Anti Block MB


LDR = 1 - 9.5%

Ecomp 144 flexible - translucent PHA based compound


bio based content higher than 50%. Also suitable for supermarket and shopping bags

Ecomp 142 flexible - translucent PHA based compound


Suitable for shopping and supermarket bags. Soft touch