Ka.LA® Liquid Colorants
A Clever Solution for Easy Processing
with Top Results!

Kafrit Group offers Ka.LA® Liquid Color Concentrates – fine dispersions of pigments in a liquid carrier. Ka.LA® Liquid Colorants are produced by an integrated system of mixing and grinding powder pigments in a vegetal oil medium. This unique, patent-pending process breaks down the pigment into finer particles than would be achievable by milling and disperses them in an environment-friendly carrier, leading to excellent color uniformity and high stability, without any risk of the pigments migrating out.

Ka.LA® Liquid Colorants can be used with thermoplastic as well as with thermosetting polymer systems and are dosed directly into the plastic melt flow at any point between the hopper and the last third of the processing machine, for quick mixing with the polymers.

Ka.LA® is not just a product – it is a full system containing a pump and hoses to convey the liquid into the process. Kafrit Group offers customers a full, closed-loop system, using a PC (progressive cavity) pump with volumetric control and ensuring high precision and repeatability even at low dosing rates.

Ka.LA® Advantages

  • High quality coloring – accurate metering, excellent dispersion and high colorant concentration ensure good color consistency in the end product.
  • Cost effectiveness - the ability to load Ka.LA® Liquid Colorants with high concentrations of pigments and the fine grinding mean lower dosages and cost savings.
  • Green carrier – Ka.LA® concentrates are based on vegetal oil, a renewable, environment-friendly medium, containing no solvents.
  • Universal carrier - the oil is suitable for all polymers, eliminating inventory issues. Also, the low LDR needed prevents any impact on the polymer properties.
  • High heat stability – the oil is resistant to temperatures up to 400ºC.
  • Reduced setup/color-changeover times - the time needed to create a homogenous mixture with the polymer is short, eliminating much of the scrap generated during these stages and leading to considerable cost savings.
  • Applicability to heat-sensitive polymers – Ka.LA® Liquid Colorants do not require melting before being mixed with the polymer.

Comparison Between Ka.LA® and Granular Colorants

Properties Liquid Granular
Compatibility all polymers different carrier for
each polymer
Homogeneousness excellent good
Dispersion and distribution excellent good
Letdown ratio up to 1% 2-5%


Comparison Between Available Carriers for Liquid Colorants

Properties Liquid Granular
Compatibility all polymers different carrier for
each polymer


Already after the first 2-3 colored bottles, a homogeneous color distribution can be seen. The bottles produced with Ka.LA® need 30 cycles for color changeover to the final color. This is a saving of 70 cycles or approx. 70% vs. granule MB.

The color change is quicker as mentioned, from the very beginning homogeneous distribution of color in the part can be seen, and it just takes time until the required color is reached.

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