Kafrit Industries's brand name for our biodegradable and compostable solutions.

Since 2009, Kafrit focused an effort on the development of environmental friendly solution by searching for both biodegradable and compostable solution that fulfills EN 13432 and ASTM 6400-99.

We developed Ecomp solutions to provide a unique proposition and approach for biodegradable applications:

grade application characteristics standard download PDF
Ecomp 120 Twine, bags Translucent slow degradation EN 13432 approved
Ecomp 131 Tie layer for multi layer film Good adhesion. translucent EN13432
Ecomp 142 Unique PHA based film grade Soft & flexible, translucent EN 13432
Ecomp 180 Unique PLA based film grade Highly transparent EN 13432 approved
Ecomp 420 Multi wall sheet application For advertising and more EN 13432 approved


In addition We supply a complimentary range of masterbatches to enable processors to produce compostable products with as high as possible of bio-based content.